So I had this idea for a newsletter – a (welcome) departure from all those “canned” ready-mades you see every day.

And not like those corporate things that talk about the new company products that everybody in the company already knows about. Not the kind that talks about family vacations at Atlantis and who’s on maternity leave and who’s joining “the team” and what the theme for the Holiday Party is. Long ago, I wrote those. Been there, done that. Not that there’s anything wrong with company newsletters. I wrote some arguably great ones. Really. True story.

It occurred to me that the fact that the internet gives us access to virtually anything, doesn’t mean we can always find what we’re looking for. Actually, in many respects, the internet gives us too many choices – an overabundance of information that often contributes to a false clarity. A whole world of choices can often reveal a whole lot less substance.

I just wanted to do something different. So I did.

It’s called “Connections.” I has changed and evolved and occasionally dropped out of the picture completely, but I’m still doing it. Take a look



My “author” side is the “other” side. I’m a writer, yes, but that deceptively simple, decidedly broad description applies not only to my role as founder/CEO of The Simmons Group, an LA-based marketing communications firm, but also to my identity as author of the book, Mr. Coleman , the soon-to-be released collection CREEK SONGS (and Other Seductions) and various other creative projects in various stages of development. In THE OTHER SIDE, you’ll find a calendar of (hopefully) interesting events (don’t yet know exactly what that’s going to look like), a showcase for new creations, and a compendium of notes, rants and reviews on things written and worth reading – from comic books to poetry collections. I’m sure I’ll find more to throw at you along the way.