Hey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD. As for the rest of you out there, how was your Halloween? Sorry to say, I’m now of that ilk (yes, it’s a word) whose Halloween Rooteen amounts to turning off the lights and watching an old Hammer film. Simple pleasures.

calvin halloween

Well, on the subject of writing and writers…Halloween or not, we all steal from each other. You know what I mean. But there are those grey areas that can’t really be classified as theft – even if you want to be brutal (and God knows, we all have our brutal moments). I’m talking about those items that fall into the “good-to-know-(and share)-even-if-you- didn’t-write-it” category.

Case in point (Did that sound like Rod Serling?): this little gem from Daily Writing Tips. It’s a great post demonstrating what happens when proofreaders go bad…or not at all. It’s all in the interest of underscoring the folly of depending on your SpellCheck.

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