Millions of users are turning daily to the web when they need a specialized service. As I’ve said before, if you’re not there when they are, you’re simply not a service option. All service-oriented businesses — including attorneys, doctors, financial consultants, entertainers, realtors and, of course, content providers — should let potential clients know that they have a choice (and that you are their best choice).

For a small business, a well-designed web site is a great way of instilling confidence and presenting you as a professional, and if you so desire, making you look bigger than you actually are. Selling in cyberspace is much cheaper. It’s a good way to supplement your offline business. Providing secure online ordering is very affordable. And a web site does so much more than any 3-fold brochure will do.

BECAUSE it can make you famous

Your web site or web page can be the vehicle that gets you noticed, gets your story to the world, gets the word out that you are different – and  better — than those other so-called professionals who claim to be the best in YOUR field. Anybody anywhere who can access the Web and hears about you is a potential visitor to your Web site…and a potential client.
And then there’s THE MEDIA. You won’t get Newsweek magazine to write up your local store opening, but you might get them to write up your web page address…if it is something new and interesting. You also might get local publications, e.g.  805, to bite on a “local kid makes good” story or a mention in a “Best of…”- type article that will plug your business/brand into the awareness grid of a multitude of readers.

Every kind of business needs the exposure that the media can bring.

Consider this: the Media’s main product is information.  They can get it more quickly, more cheaply and more easily on-line. Digital images can be acquired (cut) and inserted (pasted) in place with a few keystrokes. Digital text can be edited and output on tight deadlines. Your web page can provide all this.

Lastly (for now)…having a web address allows you to add sound, pictures and short movie files to your company’s info to serve, instruct, inform (and amaze) your potential customers. No brochure will do that.

Think on these things, my friends.