2012. Quite a year.

Published my second book.

Battled Writer’s Block, my weight, and encroaching old age.

Wrote a lot of content, did a lot of brand building for clients big and small – most notably as a long-term consultant and “creative director for hire” with Appliance Therapy Group.

Buried my BFF (Best Feline Friend) of 18 years – Mojo. Rescued my two new BFF’s – the orange/tortoiseshell, brother/sister team of Mozz and Hidee.

Missed my mom. Celebrated my 32nd year of marriage to the same patient, loving woman. Spent serious quality time with my daughter Caitlin, moved her from Santa Barbara to San Diego State and cheered her efforts in the Masters program there (one smart cookie, my girl). Re-connected with many old friends in person and via Facebook – not to mention my brothers in Sigma Chi (thanks to a long-overdue, still-treasured SB reunion).

Read “The Great Gatsby” for the 47th time. I like it.

Started the next two books, lost 40 pounds…and consequently triumphed over the ravages of time for at least one more year.

2013 is the year of my new book, CREEK SONGS (and Other Seductions). It’s a collection of poems, short stories and memories – deeply personal, yet easily accessible — and certainly evocative of growing pains we all have experienced along the way. Such was my intention in the writing and so I’ve been told by those kind enough and brave enough to give it a read of late.

CREEKSONGS was born from a need to first tell my story to myself…to remember, and appreciate, and listen – really listen — to the songs of my youth. The lessons of experience.

But no writer writes just for himself. Deny it all you want. Tell me how you’re different or people are different or situations demand that it be different. Writer’s want to be heard. The more I listened, the more I wanted to share. The more I came to the realization that my songs are your songs, our songs, everybody’s songs. We all heard them. We all danced to them (and continue to do so). Some of us stopped listening long ago. Some never stopped. Most fall somewhere in between. And there is wisdom, and truth, and resolution in the listening.

I wrote this book for all of us…and I’d love to hear what you think about it.

CREEK SONGS available here.

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